Recently I’ve been trying to become a more productive person by establishing a morning ritual. So far, I’ve been seeing changes and feeling more energetic. I can’t say it will work for everyone, but I would recommend trying it. After all, many successful CEOs and celebrities have their own ritual and they seem to be doing just fine. Here are some suggestions for you so that you can make your own morning ritual. After the first one, you can do things in any order you like.

1. Wake up earlier

If you’re one of those people who always hits snooze, then I recommend you stop doing that right now. You’re already admitting defeat by pressing snooze. Don’t start your day by giving up. Instead, try waking up a little bit earlier so that you have time to implement the rest of the things on this list. There are many methods to assist you in waking up, but my personal favourites are:

  • Shower or wash your face with water
  • Putting your alarm on the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off
  • Turning on the TV to the news
  • Changing into your clothes for going outside

2. Meditate

As I was researching morning rituals, meditation was one of the things that kept popping up. There are a lot of websites that go into detail about the benefits of meditation, but the basic gist of it is that it allows you to get into the right mindset for the day. After trying it out myself, I feel like it’s good to create time for yourself without any outside distractions or worries. I recommend taking 5-10 minutes each morning, but you can adjust it to however you prefer. Below are some good resources I found for getting started.

3. Exercise

Another popular routine is getting some exercise in the morning to get those endorphins going. I usually do 20 minutes, but 10 - 15 minutes is more than enough. Personally, this one is my favourite because it really gets me pumped up to do things later in the day and I always feel refreshed. I found this great resource that lists50 at-home workouts that I recommend you check out. Just do whatever you want whether you do dance, yoga, or traditional exercise. As long as you do something active!

4. Scheduling

I like having to-do lists. I like having calendars. We all claim to be “busy people”, so it’s important to start the day knowing what exactly you need to be doing that day. Make it a habit and you’ll be organized for life. Luckily, our very own Reina showed you some great tips to get yourself organized.

5. Affirmations

I got this one from the Miracle Morning. It’s an interesting idea of telling yourself that you are an amazing person and you can do anything you want. It’s kind of like being your own life coach. One of the ways to do this is to look at the mirror and say things out loud that will boost your self-esteem. Even now I’m still a little bit uncomfortable doing this, but it actually does work. For example, I was scared to do a backflip recently for a dance performance, but I told myself that morning “You are absolutely going to land it. You will not die. You will kill it.” I went into that performance with all the confidence in the world. Everyone needs a boost in confidence and who better to give it than yourself? The best part is you can customize your own affirmations, but you can use the following resources to get started.

My morning

As I mentioned before, you can customize your own morning. This is what I USUALLY end up doing:

  • I start the night before and prepare clothes I want to wear
  • I put an alarm on another table so I'm forced to get up
  • Brush my teeth & head out to the gym or do a home exercise
  • Download and listen to a new podcast to keep me awake
  • Shower
  • Scheduling
  • Browse internet for a few minutes
  • Meditate
  • Affirmations that I can accomplish what I set out to do for the day

Sometimes I have to arrange things around, but I do my best to adhere to the general idea of a productive morning. Take what you learn, research, and win the war between going back to bed and having a productive morning.

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