For almost a year, we’ve dedicated our time in providing our readers with interesting interviews of those who follow their passion outside of their day job. The people we’ve featured here devote hours of their time and energy, often on top of their day jobs, to share their pursuits. In fact, this site itself is a Suitless Pursuit and after twenty-six of these interviews, we’ve learned a lot about running this site. And we think it’s time to grow.

This isn’t to say that our normal format of interviewing people with interesting side projects won’t continue – in fact, we feel that the heart and soul of Suitless Pursuits is in the celebration of these individuals. It is our hope that by sharing their stories, we can inspire others in running whatever they’re truly passionate about.

New Content

As we continue to grow, we're going to be trying something new. We want to deliver fresh content from around the web, from our personal lives and from places that inspire. It’s our hope that while we grow, we continue following our goal of encouraging our readers to pursue their passions.

Personally, I’m excited about this direction. I’ve already mentioned that the site itself is our Suitless Pursuit being run on top of everybody’s full-time jobs. So I feel confident when I say that there’s one thing our interviewees would agree with us on: running a side project is friggen hard. But it’s still a great side project to do.

Post Script. Or, The Part Where Conrad Gets a bit Personal

It’s pretty insane when I think about how much time we’ve all dedicated to running this site. You’d think it’d be easy to churn out an interview once a week. But it’s quite a bit of work:

  • find a prospect who fits our criteria
  • contact them and ask for an interview
  • the big ask: find time to actually interview them (did I mention that we’re looking for people who are already stretching their free time in pursuing their project?)

And then you get to transcribe the interview into something readable. So why do it?

All of us have different reasons for joining this team but I don’t think we’ve actually explained why we do this. I guess if I were to draw from personal experience, I think it’s because we learn something from every new interview we publish. We learn a little bit more about writing content for the web. And for me, I learn a little bit more about how to create a web product, even if it’s just a tiny publishing platform.

And I think that’s what it’s all about. It’s the curiosity that drives us and it’s what we learn and take away from this experience that makes the late nights worth it.

Your Turn

We hope this new direction is as much of a benefit to us as it is for you. We encourage you to let us know how we’re doing and how else we could grow. Whether we bring you an interesting interview or write a personal piece like this one, we would love to hear your thoughts! Email us at

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